Julio Iglesias, Jr., an international celebrity is a Spanish singer songwriter, actor and model who was born in Madrid, Spain. He is the son of legendary Spanish singer, Julio Iglesias and the brother of television personality, Chábeli Iglesias and international pop star, Enrique Iglesias. He married in 2012 to Belgian Supermodel Charisse Verhaert. Julio toured the world in 2015 with his father Julio Iglesias where the idea was born for his " Timeless Tour " as Julio witnessed the audiences reaction to the songs he grew up with and took pleasure in seeing them enjoy watching him performing some of these legendary hits. Julio is presently touring globally and in the recording studio working on a new collection of songs from his " Timeless Tour " that are scheduled to be released internationally in the Spring of this year !

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"My son and I toured together in 2015. We shared the stage in front of beautiful people from beautiful countries. I will always cherish those moments."

- Julio Iglesias Sr. / Spanish Singer-Songwriter

"I thought Julio’s song was outstanding, and was blown away at the response from the fans at his live performance."  


- John Rich / American Country Singer-Songwriter

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